Webinar - Project Girl: Teaching Media Literacy Through Art

Teaching Media Literacy Through Art: Project Girl
With Kelly Parks Snider 
Thursday, January 24, 2013
4-5:30 pm Eastern Time
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These days, it’s essential that girls everywhere become educated, supported, equipped, and inspired to be critical consumers of media. Project Girl, a proven arts-based approach to media literacy, gets girls asking questions they’ve never heard before and gives them critical tools to look at their contemporary media based culture with smarter, more resistant eyes. 

Join Project Girl co-creator Kelly Parks Snider in this webinar for educators, girl group leaders, girl allies, girl mentors and concerned parents. This webinar series will give you the necessary tools to successfully use Project Girl’s unique arts-based media literacy curriculum. You’ll learn how to use art to explore following topics with adolescent girls: 

  1. basic media literacy concepts; 
  2. stereotypes and labeling; 
  3. body image and the beauty myth; 
  4. consumerism; 
  5. real girl power;
  6. diversity

Registration includes a sample activity from the Project Girl curriculum, a recording of the live webinar, and enrollment in the Hardy Girls Healthy Women online learning community. We’ll be here to support you every step of the way!


From Kelly Parks Snider's web site: "I explore contemporary social issues through art. My objective is to educate communities and stimulate dialogue about targeted issues and create social change. I hope to shake up the status quo, creating a catalyst, an examination of the questions that shape and inspire all of us. My art expresses what I feel rather than what I see. Taking something that is invisible and making it visible is the greatest joy."

Snider is the author and illustrator of the children's book, Zilly, a modern-day fable, and co-founder of Project Girl.