Shave the stigmas, not the hair.

Raise funds and start conversations to build
communities that look beyond our bodies.


Did you know, over a lifetime, the average self-identified woman…

  • spends $10,000 on shaving products.
  • spends 72 days shaving their legs.
  • spends 30 days tweezing eyebrows.

The world has a long, arduous history with hair removal relating to gender. ¬†Many of us participate in these hair removal rituals without thinking much about how they reinforce gender norms. Are we shaving because we want to? Are we shaving because society says we should? What if we didn’t? What could we do with that time and money? And would this be using our bodies as activism?

For JanuHairy, we’re asking you to choose a part(s) of your body that society thinks you should shave, and, for one month, don’t. Then, donate the money you save to Hardy Girls and the time you save to squashing unhealthy gender norms.¬†

We don’t want money to be a reason someone decides not to participate, so we’ve set these levels of participation to accommodate (hopefully) everyone.

$10.35 – No razors for me this month!
$31.65 – Skipping my bikini wax.
$84.40 – Brows, legs, and bikini wax will just have to wait.
$1 – I’m a student/don’t have the cash, but want to participate.

There’ll be prizes!! Make sure you’re following us on social media to keep up with the fun.


PS. While our language focuses on the hair removal of women and girls, we welcome the participation of boys and men and nonbinary folks. We know gender norms are harmful to all genders. We’d love for each person to choose a way to participate meaningfully whether that means growing hair somewhere or supporting gender equality in any number of ways.