Kaitlyn is a 15 year old Sophomore at Massabesic High School. She wants others to feel comfortable with who they are and the same for herself. If she is not in school or at a GAB meeting she is probably running around with her two dogs or with her chickens. Kaitlyn is looking forward to her second year in GAB! She thinks that GAB is a great way for young women to teach girls about how to believe in themselves and stand up to cause a Ruckus!

Five Questions with Kaitlyn

Favorite book: The Help by Kathryn Stockett
Woman (dead or alive) to have dinner with: Whitney Houston
Favorite feminist anthem: Respect by Aretha Franklin
Favorite place to go on a feminist rant: in a GAB group chat
Perfect day (in one sentence)Hanging out with all my family, past and present, getting to know them