Nichole Troe


galapagosNichole Troe is Co-Owner of Mad Science of Maine, an enrichment service organization that provides hands-on science programming to elementary children. Nichole loves science because it doesn’t just teach children how the world works, but how to ask questions, think critically, and solve problems. Nichole graduated with her BA from Cornell College in Sociology and Art. She is currently pursuing a Leadership MBA with Saint Joseph’s College of Maine. Before her role as Chief Mad Scientist, she had a total of 9 years of diverse experience working with children. She worked and taught aboard educational schooners on both coasts, counseled homeless youth in Portland, Oregon, taught English abroad in South Korea, was a Youth and Family Counselor, did educational outreach for underprivileged kids, and case management services. She is passionate about empowering girls to push back against labels and stereotypes and live out their own vision of who they truly want to be, not what society tells them they are supposed to be.