What We Do

In creating hardiness zones for girls and women we know that just as different plants grow in different ways, girls and women also tend to grow differently and require different nutrients. This is true whether they live in urban or rural communities, are economically secure or homeless, native or immigrant, are of color or white. The programs we create move away from focusing on single issues such as disordered eating or self esteem. Instead we focus on the social and political landscape that girls grow in, and women live through. Girls’ and women’s positions will not improve until those social and political landscapes are improved.

In order to achieve our vision of girls causing a ruckus, we work directly with girls and with communities and adults who work with girls’ best interests at heart.

Our Programs                                                                                                       

We provide programming for girls of most ages in central and southern Maine that gives girls opportunities to explore new areas of interest, to challenge themselves by learning new skills, and to build alliances with other girls while learning from women who are breaking free of stereotypes.  Learn more about all of our direct service programming.

Training & Support

At Hardy Girls Healthy Women, we know we can’t do this work alone, so we offer trainings and other support for adults working with girls throughout the year. How do you stand with girls?