Girls Advisory Board


10487175_10152256777098981_3391802768744727859_nThe Girls Advisory Board (GAB) is a program for girls in Maine who are in 9th-12th grade.  GAB members work with the Board of Directors, President, and Program Director to plan events, make sure programs at Hardy Girls Healthy Women cover what girls need and want, and work on changing the world to make it more girl friendly and positive for girls to grow in. GAB is a great opportunity for girls to practice their leadership, engage in social action projects, and keep the organization current on challenges facing girls today.  Check out the current members of the Girls Advisory Board.

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In past years, GAB has organized a Speak Out, created a 4th of July float in honor of real beauty, and met for GAB Huddlesocial events like pot luck dinners and bowling. In 2006, two GAB girls took on the Kmart corporation and got offensive t-shirts making light of violence against girls removed from shelves of stores across the country. After that, some of the GAB girls created GWAVE (Girls With Active Voices Everywhere), a ‘zine for and by girls. Changing attitudes and giving girls a space where they can be loud is what we’re about.

GAB Holiday PartyMany of the members also create content for the girl website “Powered By Girl,” a girl-driven activist movement that uses satire, humor, and a passion for social media to talk back to sexism and sexualization in the media. We’re working together to demand more creative, more diverse, and more positive images of girls and women.

Inclusivity Statement Interested participants who self-identify as female are welcome to apply to our programs. This includes participants who were not assigned to the female sex at birth, but live and identify as female now. It also includes participants who are legally assigned to the female sex, but who identify as transgender or gender fluid.

Please email Sarah Lentz, Program Coordinator at with any questions!