Girls’ Workshops

20160627_094906Are you interested in bringing Hardy Girls’ programming to your local school and wondering what that would look like? In addition to training adults on our approach, Hardy Girls also offers workshops for girls. Together, we look at the media and who makes the decisions behind messaging. We examine society’s expectations of girls and dig into recognizing how those negative themes can be internalized. We work on some vocabulary for oppression and activism and then put it into action. Girls finish with an action project of their own.

IMG_20160303_123950These workshops are responsive to the needs of the particular girls in the room and so they vary in content. We want to hear from you, as their adult allies, and then be in relationship with the girls. We’re not about “fixing” behaviors, but getting underneath them to see why it might be happening in the first place.

Pricing is based on location, number of girls and length of workshop. We work hard to find grant funding to be able to offer free and reduced cost programming so every girl can be reached. We can also assist with fundraising. Get in touch today to get started on designing a workshop just for your school.

Feedback from girls:

  • 20160301_124206I learned that the media shows one type of girl that we should all be like, but we can be whoever we want.
  • I learned that everyone has insecurities and that no one should judge someone.
  • I learned it doesn’t matter what size, color, what you wear, and how big your boobs and butt are, it matters on your personality.
  • I learned it’s okay not to be perfect and not meet everyone’s expectations.
  • I learned about stereotyping in the media and what society perceives as a “perfect woman.”


Past workshops include: