Muses are student volunteers from Colby College who serve as facilitators and participants in HGHW’s Girls Coalition Groups. These groups meet weekly in central Maine schools to build an allegiance of girl allies by discussing media literacy and how to proactively change the culture of their schools and communities. The Muse’s role is to create a space for the girls to lead conversations about topics they may not be able to address elsewhere. The groups culminate in social action projects that create changes in schools outlasting the presence of the Muses and the group.

To successfully facilitate these groups, we ask Muses become very familiar with Lyn Mikel Brown’s From Adversaries to Allies curriculum. In addition to the weekly commitment, we ask Muses to attend three additional check-ins or trainings each semester. By participating, many Muses forged new community relationships and gained perspective on community issues.

Please click the link below and complete the form if you are interested in becoming a Muse. New Muses are welcome at the start of Colby’s academic semesters. Please feel free to reach out to Sarah Lentz, Hardy Girls Healthy Women’s Program Coordinator, at with any questions.