We love to include “Action Spots” at our events to remind attendees that social action can happen anywhere and anytime! One of our favorite action spots is Projection. We created this SPARKit with our sister organization, SPARKSPARK_movement_logo_Pantone

As an eating disorder survivor, Colby College student Aleah Starr developed PROJECTION to allow people to tell their stories anonymously and to push back the media and cultural messages projected onto girls’ (and guys’) bodies.

webProjectionThinkDoBelieveAleah says, “I am a CANVAS. Every day society projects certain standards, messages, and images UPON ME. Society tells me how I should look, act, and feel. So when you ask me WHO I AM, I don’t always know what to tell you. But I am learning to step away from these projections, and use them to make a statement of MY OWN.”

At our spring conferences, girls and their allies take part in PROJECTION by responding to the prompt: “If you could talk back to media, what would you say?”  Each photo tells a unique story, more powerful because it combines an anonymous author’s statement with a model willing to stand up and speak for her or him.

Check out this video on the origins of PROJECTION. Want to create PROJECTION at your next event? Here’s the kit!!

Be sure to send your story prompt and fav photos to us at!