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Activism for You and Your Family – Maine Women’s Lobby  The Maine Women’s Lobby provides and discuss best practices, tools, tips, and techniques to help with activism for legislation, the media, and in your community. $20

Sexualized Media Messages and Our Children: Teaching Kids to be Smart Critics and Consumers – Dr. Jennifer Shewmaker  This webinar takes a look at children’s consumption of sexualized media messages while providing parents, teachers, and professionals with strategies for dealing with their influence. In this eye-opening discussion, experienced child psychologist Jennifer Shewmaker takes a hard look at the impact of advertisements, products, and entertainment on a child’s psyche and offers strategies for helping kids become critical, active media consumers. Drawing from research in a wide variety of disciplines, the webinar explores the interpersonal factors within children’s lives that impact how they learn to process sexualized media messages. Participants will receive tips for promoting strengths in children and adolescents of both genders and learn about the protective influence of communities on helping children dismiss distorted media images in favor of a character-based mindset. $20

Through the Lens of a Girl: Understanding the Role of Social Media in the Lives of Teen Girls – Kamla Modi  The world of social media has expanded in just a few short years. It is critical to understand how girls are using social media, the role of social media in girls’ lives, and the impact of social media in the way girls communicate, interact, and understand the world around them. What better way to learn from the voices of girls themselves? In this webinar you will learn about the experience of social media for girls through research findings developed by the Girl Scout Research Institute and a teen expert in the social media space. You will also learn tips and recommendations for how to best work with and communicate with girls about their experience in social media. $20

She’s Not Flawed: Starting With Strengths to Help Our Daughters Through Crisis – Lindy Graham, LCSW  When teens engage in what we perceive as dangerous or self-injurious behavior, it is typical for parents to experience fear and anxiety, making it challenging to find clarity about how to help. This webinar will explore some of the potential meaning behind self-harming behavior (including disordered eating), and provide parents with tools and skills for helping their teens find their voice from a strengths-based perspective. $20

Mother-Daughter Book Clubs: How Parents Can Help Girls Thrive in Today’s Culture – Lori Day  Learn about the power of mother-daughter book clubs as a way to push back today’s  culture. Lori Day will discuss the impact of media on children and how parents and faculty can teach media literacy to help girls learn to deconstruct the harmful and stereotyped media and marketing messages that bombard daily. Day will discuss eight of the biggest challenges facing our girls today such as: gender stereotypes and sexism, sexualization/objectification of girls, beauty obsession and negative body image, “mean girl” bullying, and more! $20

Introduction to the World of Queer Activism– AJ Yarn from Faces for Equality  Join AJ Yarn, creator of Faces for Equality, for an introduction to LGBTQ definitions and themes as well as information about different LGBTQ/social activism organization opportunities for youth. AJ discusses his role in the creation of Faces for Equality as well as the different methods to use passion as a tool for social justice. Finding an issue you care about and taking a stand is not as hard as you think. This webinar will help you find methods to include your friends and your local community while changing the world around you for the better. $20

Creating Welcome Schools for LGBTQQ Youth- Darla Linville  Building support for LGBTQQ youth in schools requires more than adopting anti-bullying policies or starting a club.  What can you do to change the climate of your school to make it welcoming for all students?  What should you think about before acting?  What ideologies are most helpful in creating the climate we want?  In this webinar we discuss actions you can take in your school or educational setting, and ways to counter discriminatory practices and challenge larger culture and climate issues that arise.  We examine gay straight trans alliances from the perspective of creating action from theory and creating socially just educational settings. $20

Embracing Discomfort: Asking the Hard Questions and Exploring Identity- Hannah DeAngelis, Femsex   Femsex uses peer to peer learning and personal storytelling to engage people in open dialogue about gender, sex and sexuality. Learn about the adult learning workshop Femsex, explore your own relationship with gender and identity through storytelling, and have a chance to ask questions about terminology that can limit conversations with youth about sexuality. $20 


What People Are Saying About Our Webinars:

“Thank you so much for the informative, eye opening, and action packed webinar! My mind could not keep up with all the information but took 12 pages of notes…I think I am hooked and will join as many webinars about girls, as possibly boys for comparison, as possible. Great work you are doing for today’s girls and tomorrow’s women!” –Karen, Isabella Child Care

“The webinar on Packaging Boyhood had great information!  I applaud Hardy Girls for including a segment about boys.  Society is affected adversely by all gender stereotypes, not just those of girls and women.  Change will be fostered as we bring these issues closer together.  Thank you for the great work you do.” Elin, Writer


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