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Hardy Girls Healthy Women is committed to amplifying the voices of brave and amazing girls throughout our state. We have found girls whose bold voices and daring acts have made a substantial impact on their communities.  Join us as we congratulate them for their achievements and learn how you and the girls in your life can join them in causing a ruckus.  Awards winners in these categories will share their stories: Community Organizer, Against the Odds Advocate, Title IX Champion, Entrepreneur, STEM-gineer, and Health Promoter.  RSVP to join us for this inspiring evening.

Girls Rock! Awards will be on Thursday, April 7th from 6-7:30 at Colby College.$20 suggested donation for adults, students are free.

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Girls Rock! Awards


Hardy Girls Healthy Women’s Girls Rock! Awards is committed to amplifying the voices of brave and amazing girls throughout our state.

Girls ages 9-19 were nominated in the categories of: Title IX Champion, Health Promoter, Against the Odds Advocate, Community Organizer, Entrepreneur, and STEM-gineer.

The winners have been chosen! Coming soon are sneak peak videos of their stories. Want to meet them in person? Attend the Girls Rock! Awards from 6-7:30 on Thursday, April 7th at Colby College (Osgrove Auditorium in the Diamond Building) in Waterville, ME.   RSVP today!

More details on the awards categories:

Title IX Champion: This girl is an advocate for girls’ equal access to sports, including athletic facilities, coaching, education or equipment.

Health Promoter: This girl supports and/or works on wellness policies or programs that promote healthy lifestyles and choices, such as mental, emotional and/or physical health.

Against the Odds Advocate: This girl refuses to be limited by what has traditionally been known as a physical or developmental disability. She is busy redefining “able” and making positive changes for girls in Maine along the way.

Community Organizer: This girl sees the importance of a united community and is making it happen by bringing together her school, peers, and/or community. She is not afraid to start changing the soil, especially for other girls!

Entrepreneur: This girl turned her passion into a paycheck by building up her own business and her bank account.

STEM-gineer: This girl succeeds in science, technology, engineering or math.  She rejects the idea these subjects are not for girls and has created a counter narrative with her accomplishments.  She could be an inventor, a competition winner, or a pioneer in her field.

Inclusivity Statement

Interested participants who self-identify as female are welcome to apply to our programs. This includes participants who were not assigned to the female sex at birth, but live and identify as female now. It also includes participants who are legally assigned to the female sex, but who identify as transgender or gender fluid.

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Blair Braverman

Muse 2010-2011

Blair Braverman is a long-distance dogsled racer and the author of her memoir Welcome to the Goddamn Ice Cube. Reflecting on her experiences in arctic life and bobsledding, Outside magazine called her book “a new classic” and the New York Times touted it as, “courageous and original as both a travel narrative and a memoir of self-discovery.”

As a teenager, Blair moved from California to the Norwegian arctic to become a dogsledder, and worked as a dogsled guide in Alaska before her freshman year. At Colby, Blair was very engaged in her environmental studies and creative writing. Although she put her mushing on hold during school, she missed it, and got her first six huskies after earning an MFA in nonfiction writing at the University of Iowa. She now lives on a farm in northern Wisconsin with her fiancé and nineteen Alaskan huskies. Blair hopes to qualify for the 1100-mile Iditarod dogsled race in 2019 and is currently raising her first (well, her dog Pepe’s first) litter of puppies.

[“This summer, readers have their pick of female narrators traversing both internal and external terrain. But few stand out as much as Blair Braverman’s Arctic memoir,” – Outside Magazine on Welcome to the Goddamn Ice Cube](blocked)

In addition to dogsledding, Blair has written essays and journalism for multiple anthologies, as well as This American Life, Orion, The Atavist, The Guardian, and elsewhere. She is currently starting research for a new book about apocalypse preppers.