G*rls Advisory Board (GAB)

The G*rls Advisory Board (GAB) began in 2005 in Waterville and expanded statewide in 2013. GAB members are in grades 9 – 12 and come together from many different locations across the state. Members work with our Board of Directors and staff to plan events and keep programming relevant to the needs and wants of girls and gender expansive youth. They also contribute to the creation of a world that fosters positive growth and development for all. The G*rls Advisory Program provides opportunities for leadership experience, engagement in social action projects, and ongoing education to keep the organization current on challenges facing girls and gender expansive youth today.

GAB’s biggest annual accomplishment is the design and execution of all of the keynote speeches and workshops at the G*rls Rock! Conferences.

GAB's Mission Statement

We are a group of Maine high school g*rls, passionate about gender equity and social justice. We are inclusive of all races, classes, ethnicities, gender identities, sexual orientation, and abilities. We create community conversations, listen to g*rls and give them (and ourselves) opportunities to find their voice, support each other, create change, and embrace uniqueness. Applications open annually in May! (2021 apps are open! To apply, visit https://hghw.org/gab-application before the June 15 deadline.)

2021Virtual G*rls Rock! Conference Workshops


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