Amna 1

Amna is a senior at Waterville High School and is starting her 3rd and final year on GAB. She likes to paint, play music, write, and play tennis. She is also very passionate about activism by understanding different perspectives while actively rallying for change. Amna hopes to carry what she’s learned in GAB through life and continue to cause a ruckus!

Six Questions with Amna

Favorite book:
East of Eden by John Steinbeck
Woman (dead or alive) to have dinner with: Fatima Jinnah
Favorite feminist anthem: Independent Women by Destiny’s Child
Favorite place to go on a feminist rant: At the dinner table
Perfect day (in one sentence): Painting and drinking lemonade in my backyard
How I’m causing a ruckus: I am causing a ruckus by educating myself on topics that are important to me while advocating for change.