Ballerinas, Barbies, and princesses have always been associated with little girls. It’s no surprise that during this season of holiday gift-giving, these are popular gift options. But what about girls who love chemistry, technology, and building? There are many between some great options out there for girls with these interests, and some great suggestions about changing the way you buy gifts for girls!

For the scientifically minded girl in your life, Techbridge Girls offers this list of ideas that will challenge and inspire young minds. From homemade projects to building materials, the organization offers some great ideas on how to encourage girls’ love of engineering and science.

Looking for good books for girls that open the mind and stimulate the imagination? Check out A Mighty Girl’s Guide to the Independent Princess. Recommending titles for preschool through teen girls, the lineup contains princess books that offer more than a happily-ever-after ending, and encourage learning in the process.

Finally, the New York Times recommends some fantastic non-traditional girls in this article, featuring the Arduino robot (a real working robot), Kodu (a program that allows girls to write code for their own video games), and the Roominate Dollhouse Kit (an engineering-rich dollhouse).

Whatever you decide to buy for girls this year, why not shop outside of the pink aisle and explore gift ideas for the girls in your life?