Rochelle Schieck loves to move – in her body and around the world. She started dancing as a young girl growing up in Minnesota until she was summoned by the call of adventure. Her love of movement and the desire to explore life’s meaning compelled her to spend the last 10+ years traveling around the world as a student and teacher to places throughout North and South America, Europe, Africa, India, Southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand. Rochelle began instructing various yoga styles for all ages and abilities, several dance modalities and NIA. She has lead over 4,000 movement classes and facilitated hundreds of private sessions. On a strong hit of intuition, she decided to move to New York City to further her studies of the divine feminine, sensuality, and other womanly arts. Her movement background and women’s empowerment work coupled with her experience as a personal trainer, certified massage therapist, shamanic energy healer and her degree in Interdisciplinary Fine Arts have all influenced her creation of the movement system, Qoya.

Qoya evolves the way we have been taught to move our bodies as women. Drawn from the wisdom of yoga, creative expression in dance, and the pleasure found in sensual movement, Qoya helps women enjoy and revel in their feminine bodies.

Rochelle is devoted to a life that serves the evolution of women’s consciousness through movement. She encourages all women to claim their right to more than self-love, but reveling. More than hope- the confidence and courage to show up fully present in one’s life. More than happiness- a deep sense of gratitude and fulfillment. She believes these ambitious goals are best achieved through the physical feelings of power, purpose, and pleasure that she offers with Qoya. Rochelle teaches that through movement, we remember. We remember, as women, that we are wise, wild, and free.

Rochelle explains: “I am proud to help SPARK ignite their movement because I believe that the time for women to emerge as powerful leaders is now. There is no longer time to hold back our beauty, radiance and light because of insecurities that are culturally paralyzing women from the full and authentic expression of who they really are. I believe that through movement, we remember. We remember, as women, that we are wise, wild and free. We feel it in our bodies as an embodied truth and then we are able to source from that deeper wisdom to be courageous ambassadors of change, bringing balance back to our lives, relationships, communities and the world.”

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