The Community Organizing award winner, Nicole Maines, is a junior at the Waynflete School.  In June 2013, Maine’s highest court heard arguments over whether Nicole and other transgender students can use the bathroom of their choice, and ruled in her favor. She is hopeful that our justices will recognize these rights so children can attend school and be who they are.  Nicole has played an active role in advocating for her rights: she has walked the halls of the Maine Legislature educating legislators on transgender children. She was interviewed on Maine Public Radio in an effort to inform the public about what it means to be transgender in Maine.  She is an active member of her school’s GSTA, she is a summer volunteer at Equality Maine, and she has found a number of opportunities to teach others what it means to be transgender.

“Sharing her story, discussing how important it is for youth to get involved at school and in their communities has helped her grow and is helping us all grow.  Nicole has learned that to support change you have to get involved, those that know her and have her heard speak are learning the same important lessons,” says Wayne Maines, Nicole’s father.

Congratulations to Nicole for her bravery and commitment to making her communities better for all youth and for winning this year’s Girls Rock Award for Community Organizing!  Hear the rest of her story and her advice to girls who want to be activists, below!

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