The Against All Odds Award winner, Ciarra Boucher, 15, is a ninth grader at Brewer High School. A young lady with Down Syndrome, Ciarra did not fit the stereotypical mold of a cheerleader, and simply by her participation on the team, she redefined “able.” She was quickly embraced by the team because of her enthusiasm for the sport and her love of the girls on the team.

“Ciarra brought a different kind of energy and excitement to our program, and the rest of the team rose to the occasion. They were able to remember what it was like for them to participate just for the joy of being part of something, leaving competitiveness and jealousies aside.” said her coach, Nancy Snowdeal. “Through Ciarra, the team became a singular unit… Ciarra forced [her teammates] to see themselves differently; to BE different in how they approach school, cheering, daily life. They became stronger, kinder people through her involvement with our team.”

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