Well, imagine my surprise to learn when reading a reader’s comment that someone must undertake the dirty job of wife beating. It’s almost enough to make me stop reading the “Readers Respond” columns under the stories published in 4 out of the 5 daily papers in Maine about the Kmart Attitude 66 tshirt Hardy Girls and Boys to Men teens asked Kmart to remove from its shelves. While it was painful enough to learn that Kmart and its parent company Sears Holdings Corp. thought the t-shirt’s message “light-hearted” even though it was clearly a depiction of violence against a young girl, it’s deeply troubling to read the blogs. Clearly they are written by angry men. But why? These men all had mothers and grandmothers and, many no doubt have sisters, aunts and daughters. Do they think that’s what those women deserve or is it just that misogyny is so mainstream that they don’t even question what they are writing/saying/thinking.

I’ll stop now because I really hope that you will follow the link to Bob Herbert’s Why Arent’ We Shocked and then start to think, especially if you are male, what you can do to reverse this attitude. After all, when you come right down to it, it’s really only men who can stop violence against women and children.