I found this while reading a list serve on violence prevention PreventConnect.org It’s good to know that while Kmart’s parent corporation doesn’t get it, at least some of their employees do.

“On Christmas Eve I was finishing up my Christmas stocking shopping. In years past done at K-Mart. After several hours and far more $ then usual I got through most of my Chirstmas list. Unfortunartly K-Mart was the only store in town where I could get the last 3 items. I went to the manager of the store explaned about the T-Shirt and showed him how little I had spent in his store this year compared to years past. I ask if he would please forward the info onto the corporate headquarters. He shared my disgust of T-Shirts that show our children that violence is an answer to problem solving and he said he would get an email out right away.

On my way out of the store one of the employees asked if I could show them where the shirt was. The manager of the store followed us and upon seeing the shirt pulled it from the shelve. He said it didn’t matter to him if corporate office said it was staying. “I don’t care” was his reply.

Don’t give up on getting it off the shelves. If enough of the individual stores will stand up to corporate there may be hope yet.
Robin Clover
SAFV Task Force”

In case you missed it, here’s the Kmart Corporation’s web comment page.