The SPARK Summit attracted hundreds of women and girls who are committed to using our voices to change our culture.  We will not sit back and silently tolerate the sexualized and degrading images and messages of girls and women that dominate popular media.  Instead we will talk back, through scholarship and satire, through research and blogging, using every form of communication available to us.

As girls, we will embody our beauty that comes from the inside.





As women, we will talk to girls in the language of their generation and teach them how to be agents of change in a sea of exploitation.

Hardy Girls Healthy Women has been helping girls talk about the media, their culture, and their own power to change it for 10 years now.  Since day one, HGHW’s programming, resources, and services have been informed by the leading research on girls’ health and development.

Join us!  You too can facilitate a movement among the girls you know, work with, or parent.  The skills to do it are just a webinar away.

If you can access the internet, you can build your skills during our enlightening webinars with acclaimed researchers.  Interact in real time with experts in human development and psychology and learn strategies to talk to girls (and boys) about the world in which they live.  Continuing education units will be available for upcoming trainings.

Your voice can make a difference!  To learn more about HGHW and our upcoming webinars, visit  We hope to see you online!