Quentin Tarantino- WAKE UP!
We are appalled to report to you that Quentin Tarantino is now advertising for a plastic action figure (directly marketed to kids) from the film Planet Terror (a tribute to the B-movie Grindhouse genre). This action figure’s name is “Rapist number one” and Quentin happens to be the actor in the film. While he didn’t necessarily direct this portion of the film, we know he is a direct proponent.


“Planet Terror” is essentially an homage to the B-movies of the seventies- where women are sexed up and then most likely sliced up in one way or another. The women in Tarantino’s take on the genre go on their own killing rampage, however. That is, after being brutally gang raped repeatedly.

Its very interesting what comes up when you do an Internet search on Tarantino and feminism, too. While he loves those B movies, he’s revered in some feminist and film theory circles for two powerful female characters: Pam Grier in Jackie Brown and The Bride in the Kill Bill films. These women certainly DO act on their own behalf, but only after their (stereotypical) constant and degrading victimization. Thus, the only way that they act on their own is violently. The denouement in these films is nothing new— violence violence violence. C’mon Tarantino- we know you’re creative. Surprise us already.

While the use of women in your films is, at best, Quentin, a bit different than most violent movies — we believe you are a much, much smarter man than you are showing us at present time. Claiming a “feminist sensibility” (read the short interview at althouse.blogspot.com) might sound nice, but actually creating dynamic female characters with substance and intelligence (not merely violent capabilities/tendencies full of revenge) would be reeeeeal nice Quentin. Reeeal nice.

Okay, I didn’t come here to bash your films though. Well not necessarily. But seriously, what are you THINKING trying to market a RAPIST doll to children?

– I would also like to add here that Toys-R-Us issued a statement that they would NOT be selling this ridiculous toy. We give them thumbs up all around- Way to go Toys-R-Us, you are setting a MUCH better example than our friends at KMart.