Check out these great wishes made this Holiday Season

1.My wish this holiday season is for the media to spend more time empowering girls and less time airbrushing photos to look unrealistically perfect. – Maya

2.For women to set the demands for that which is expected of themselves; don’t just co-write, but be definitive. It is you who must pen your self-concept. – Nadia

3.For women to be comfortable in their bodies and love themselves unconditionally, which is the best present a girl can give herself. – Dana

4.For the media to pay more attention to all the awesome social change girls are effecting around the world, instead of the hyped up stories about sexting, catfights, and baby bumps. – Megan

5.Since the media has enough power over us to make girls starve themselves and make them think that the less power and personal worth they have the better, I wish they would use that extreme influence to stop world hunger, convince people that biking is way better than pollution, and that every single woman and girl on this earth is beautiful and powerful THE WAY SHE IS and should be respected and loved, both by herself and other people. I wish that our own health and well being mattered more to us than money. – Ashley

6.My wish this holiday season is for the media to show more diverse, smart, empowered girls and women instead of girls who have no respect for themselves, so that girls that look up to women in the media as role models, have positive amazing women to follow. – Alisha

7.All types of objectification in the media are detrimental, but if I could only make one wish, it would be to make violence against women in the media much less normative and justified. It breaks my heart to see images of women being choked or tied up in magazine ads, and hurts me just as much to hear terribly violent song lyrics, or reading about female characters who purposefully harm themselves just to see the face of a man. Sadly, a lot of these images are being marketed to young people, so they grow up thinking this type of behavior is okay. – Diana

8.For the media to treat me like a person not simply a game to be won, mistreated and discarded. – Cynia

9.For corporations and marketers to end not only sexism but blatant hatred and violence towards women. My wish is that people react in outrage when they see ads depicting violence against women as romantic, funny, worse: “normal.” – Jackie

10.I wish the media would stop portraying females as objects in ads, especially as objects that can/should be mistreated and “claimed,” giving men (even females) the idea that this is normal. These ads often use looks to base how attractive and admirable females are. There are so many more important attributes females have other than their bodies and what they can do sexually. So, females, let’s stop giving into the mold the media lays out for us (mainly so they can profit from our insecurities) and start appreciating ourselves for other reasons! Those who truly matter will love us for many other reasons other than the products we buy to change ourselves. Stop listening to those ads, stop buying products that support this message, and don’t let others see you as an object; we are not objects…it may not stop the ads from being produced, but it may make my wish a little closer to coming true. Happy Holidays! – Emily

11.My wish is for each and every person to ask yourself, does it make me uncomfortable to imagine a world where both men and women are allowed to experience the full range of human existence? And if the answer is yes, ask yourself why. And once you have answered with “because…”, transcend it. Get over it. Be free. – Renee

12.My wish is for all girls to grow up with the knowledge that the most important thing about financial independence is that ” financial independence gives them the freedom of being and developing their true selfs.” – Sandra