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Imagine a 14 year-old girl forced to have sex for money.  Couldn’t happen here, right?  Think again! Sex trafficking of our girls – kidnapped, runaways – is a growing epidemic.

Where do perps find their prey?  For many, online.  One of the largest online enablers:  Village Voice Media.

Now we need your help!

A crisis is just around the corner:  Super Bowl XLV on February 6, 2011 — prime time for selling sex with underage girls! In the week ahead of the Super Bowl, thousands of innocent girls will be forcibly taken to Dallas, Texas to be sold for sex.

That’s why The New Agenda Foundation is partnering with The Rebecca Project for Human Rights, the organization which successfully got Craigslist to drop its “erotic services” section, for an important call to action!

The new hub for selling girls into forced sex : Village Voice Media’s

There’s no time to waste!  Demand that discontinue their sex ads! Making profit on the sexual exploitation of girls is not good business!

Contact Voice Media Group, owner of Village Voice Media and ask them:  Do you have a daughter? Do you know anyone who has a daughter? Is knowingly trafficking in teenage girls good business?

Carl Ferrer

Head of Back Page

Joe Larkin
Senior VP of Sales Operations

Susan Belair
Senior VP of Sales

Jim Larkin
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Scott Tobias
President and Chief Operating Officer

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