Community Organizing Award
Rae Jean Robinson, age 18 from Dexter, ME

The winner of the Girls Rock Award for Community Organizing is Rae Jean Robinson of Dexter. Rae Jean started a group in her high school called “It Gets Better.”  Her group is dedicated to raising awareness about bullying and domestic violence in her high school.  She has organized an assembly about domestic violence, put up posters around her school and even put up inspirational post-it notes in the school bathroom.  She saw that many of her classmates and peers were uneducated about domestic violence and bullying, including a fellow student dropping out of school due to bullying. Rae Jean took it upon herself to make her school a better place for everyone.  The media often portrays dating violence and girlfighting as the norm, and so the work Rae Jean is doing is so important.  It is amazing to see a young woman take on these huge issues, and as Rae Jean says, “even if I can’t get the world to be a better place, I can at least make my high school a better place.”

Hear from Rae Jean about the important work she is doing.