The winner of the Girls Rock! Award for Health Advocacy is Caroline Jacobs of Shapleigh for her work in the field of diabetes.  Caroline was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes in 2007 and ever since she was been a vocal activist, fighting for a better world for herself and everyone else with diabetes.  Caroline has participated in walks and other fundraisers to raise money for diabetes research and most recently she went to Washington as a part of Children’s Congress and spoke at a senate hearing on behalf of continuing funding for diabetes research. She has also been a part of the fight to get funding for research on technology that will make her life much easier.  Caroline is a dedicated activist who devotes large amounts of time to finding a cure for diabetes. She believes that girls “need to not let yourself become the victim of it,” because “there will always be a bright side to things.” Caroline rocks because she is taking it upon herself to raise money for diabetes research and advocate for technology that could drastically change the lives of those living with diabetes.