Cassidy Dangler, of Waterville, is the winner of the Girls Rock! Award for Title IX.  She earned her black belt in karate when she was ten, and now helps teach other students karate. Cassidy assists in classes with students from three years old to adults and is one of three girls in her advanced belt class.  Cassidy started karate when she was five and has been inspired to stick with it for more than ten years.  Cassidy excels in a very male-dominated sport, but she doesn’t let that get to her.  She believes that “all girls [should] think that they can do it, no matter who the competition is or how big they are.”  Cassidy hopes that she can inspire other girls to continue on with karate and not feel intimidated by fighting against boys.

She notices that “media and movies…changes their mind [to] thinking that the boys have to be the hero, and that puts them into the mindset that they can’t do anything and they have to let the boys take care of everything.” Cassidy is doing amazing work by setting the stage for more girls to get involved in karate and other male-heavy fields. She proves that girls can achieve anything that they put their minds to.