We are absolutely thrilled to be a part of today’s ever-expanding blog carnival over at Fair and Feminist showcasing young feminist bloggers . Like many other digital activisms, this event was born out of frustration. As Shelby Knox explains in her entry, Unicorns and Young Feminism, the 20-something generation is cursed with a stereotype of apathy and inaction. Rather than solidarity, young feminists are often met with apprehension from our fore-mothers and routinely made invisible by blanketing statements like “young feminists don’t exist.”

By perusing the aforementioned blog carnival, it is clear, that our youthful spirit is less than minuscule. We are in Canada, we are part of large national organizations, and we share our musings in personal blogs. This blog carnival illustrates just how limitless we are as a young feminist community.

As we gear up for a movement called SPARK (to eliminate the sexualization of girls) alongside Women’s Media Center, Ms. Foundation, and many others, Hardy Girls is inspired by the sisterhood we are seeing today. This kind of passion and exuberance is exactly what drives and empowers future generations. Thanks to Fair and Feminist for pulling this blog carnival together and for reasserting that young feminists do, in fact, exist.