Girls Rock! Awards Health Advocacy Award Winner 2013:
Peyton Feener, age 17 from Camden

Peyton Feener, a member of the Community School in Camden, is a passionate voice for young girls everywhere to look up to. She is a true activist and advocate at heart. Peyton has been involved for three years with the organization OUT! as I Want to Be, a place for LGBTQ youth in the Rockland area to support each other. At OUT!, she hosts a radio station and has worked on multiple political campaigns concerning the legalization of gay marriage in Maine. It was through OUT! that Peyton was invited to be involved in creating educational videos through Project Aware, a program designed to empower teens through the use of educational media.

With Project Aware, Peyton wrote, acted in, and oversaw hair, makeup, and costumes for Two Seconds. This is a short dramatic film about three teens struggling with relationships and sexual health issues. She also helped with Smoke Rings, an educational film about marijuana use. She worked with Project Aware on two public service announcements about self-image and self-harm.

It was through Project Aware that Peyton became involved with Family Planning, a statewide organization designed to support and provide education about women’s reproductive rights and choices. Peyton says she is very passionate about LGBTQ rights and reproductive health. She most concerned about how uneducated voters are able to negatively influence the political system. She believes strongly in what she does. When asked about why she feels the need to educate younger girls she said, “it’s important to know about making healthy choices, and also about getting the help you need.” Hear the rest of Peyton’s story and listen to everything she has to say about LGBTQ rights and reproductive health below!