Girls Rock! Awards Entrepreneurship Award Winner 2013:
Dérian Gatewood, age 17 from Dexter

Young businesswomen could take a lot of tips from Dérian Gatewood, owner of Dragonfly Designs in Dexter, Maine. Having to work hard to overcome a traumatic brain injury as a toddler, Dérian faced more than the average kind of childhood challenges, yet she has grown up into an inventive, business-minded young woman.

Being on the board of Womancare, a local domestic violence organization, Dérian’s grandmother raised her with the knowledge of what a healthy relationship looks like. Together they volunteer their time to help battered women. At the age of twelve, Dérian donated earrings that she had made to be sold for Womancare as a fundraiser. Her beginning goal of raising $50 quickly grew to $1000, which she reached that year. The donation helped fund a children’s room being built at Womancare’s new building.

Dérian has been selling her creations at the Common Ground Fair’s Youth Enterprise Zone tent since she was twelve, and participates in other craft fairs around the state. Besides her earrings, she makes necklaces, decorative scarves, walking sticks, and garlic braids. Dérian says she is happy that she can make money doing something she really enjoys. She donates ten percent of all the profits of Dragonfly Designs to Womancare, and still has been able to save up enough money to buy herself her own computer and iPad. Hear the rest of Dérian’s story and advice on running a business below, and be sure to catch her this fall at the Common Ground Fair!