Girls Rock! Awards Against the Odds Award Winner 2013
Adrienne Damicis, age 17 from Scarborough

Adrienne Damicis, now a senior at Scarborough High School, was born with a congenital heart defect and had three open heart surgeries before she reached seven years old. She was also born needing an amputation, and now wears a prosthetic foot. When she was seven years old, her parents, wanting to connect Adrienne with kids like herself, enrolled her at Camp No Limits in Rome, Maine. Adrienne was one of four campers at Camp No Limits’ first year in operation, and it quickly became a place where Adrienne has been allowed to flourish.

Adrienne was such an enthusiastic and energetic addition to camp that when it came time to open a Camp No Limits in Florida, director Mary Leighton invited Adrienne and another camper to come with her. She wanted them to lend their perspectives and energy as experienced campers. She helped with leading activities and motivating the campers. Adrienne says that this was her first real experience in a leadership position, and she was only in sixth grade! Camp No Limits runs sessions in eight different states for kids, adults, and families, who are struggling with a limb deficiency to have a place to network, learn, receive support, gain confidence, and discover opportunities. She shares an inspiring story during her interview of her second year in Florida, about a shy camper that she had worked with the year before who had become much more confident and outgoing.

This summer will be Adrienne’s tenth year with Camp No Limits! Nowadays, she helps in physical therapy sessions, facilitating support groups, and the pre-camp planning. Adrienne says that she is honored for being recognized for doing what she loves.