Girls Rock! Awards Title IX Award Winner 2013
Anne McIntire, age 18 from Harpswell

Anne McIntire was seven years old when she stepped off the ice after figure skating practice and told her dad that she was bored, and would rather play hockey. Anne played hockey with the boys from first grade to seventh grade. In eighth grade her dad convinced her to try out for an all girls team. Anne made the team, and that year they went on to be regional champions. The next year, Anne attended a different high school just to play on an all-girls team, as her school did not have one. Quickly realizing that she missed her old classmates and friends, Anne decided that was going to start a hockey team at her old school. She wanted to give her friends and other girls the chance to play hockey as well.

With the help and support of many, Anne recruited for and started a club team at Mt. Ararat High School. After two years as a club team, they were finally granted varsity sport status, but they had to fundraise their entire budget before the start of next season. With the help of many local businesses donations (and donated lobster from her dad) Anne and the rest of the team held a lot of car-washes, raffled off lobsters, and a put together a large benefit dinner and silent auction.

In addition to all fund raising and her practice and game schedule, Anne teaches youth hockey on Sunday mornings. “There’s a lot you can learn from playing hockey,” Anne says, referring to the life lessons that she’s learned from playing the sport. When asked why she loves teaching kids to skate, Anne said, “It’s really incredible when you can introduce something that kids can be passionate about, no matter what it is.”