This group of young women is extremely special and we couldn’t be more proud of them.  The Girls Advisory Board (GAB) was first brought together in 2005 in an effort to maintain girls’ voices at the center of everything Hardy Girls Healthy Women does.  Members join GAB from all around the state to engage other girls in activism and awareness about issues that harm girls such as substance abuse, unhealthy relationships, and negative body image.  As the group has grown over the years, their position within the organization and community has also grown.  It has been incredible to watch this group of young women develop as leaders, role models and active community members.

Their impact on a statewide level is inspiring.  For the last 5 years GAB members have led a conference for girls, called Girls Unlimited, bringing together over 200 girls in 4th-8th grade from all over the state for a day of workshops, activities, and discussions.  This conference is now being held twice a year, once in Central Maine and once in Southern Maine, to reach even more girls.  No one can say it more clearly, the impact these girls have had on the lives of other girls in the state of Maine, than the participants of this conference.

“Thank you so much for making me know that I can believe in myself.  Thank you for telling me I can do it and thank you for making me realize girls are awesome!!” ~ Shawna, Age 13

“I learned so much and I found out so much more than I did about being independent and standing up against dating abuse.”  ~ Desiree, Age 13

“By doing this program, I learned to be strong and believe in myself.” ~ Morgan, Age 13

“You taught me to believe in myself and now I feel more confident!” ~ Jordynne, Age 12

“I didn’t know that girls do have power to change things.” ~ Kassidy, Age 11

“I didn’t know I could be a normal girl.  I thank them for all their support.” ~ Amber, Age 11

Congratulations to this group of inspiring, tenacious, and passionate young women!  You deserve it and we look forward to seeing how you change the world in the future.