August 16 - 20
from 9 am to 3 pm Daily
in waterville, Maine

Hardy G*rls is excited to restart our in-person programming with a FREE Waterville-area summer camp for girls and gender-expansive youth.

Camp Brilliance is focused on art, activism, coalition building, and
celebrating youth brilliance.

Over the course of the week, camp attendees will develop a social action project, learn about ways to make a positive change in their community, and get messy making art. Camp Brilliance will be led by HGHW staff, members of our G*rls Advisory Board, and trained adult volunteers.

Who it's for:

Camp Brilliance is open to girls and gender-expansive youth entering grades 5-10 in Central Maine*, and it is free of charge to all attendees.

When and where:

Camp Brilliance will be held Monday August 16 through Friday August 20, from 9 am to 3 pm daily. It will be located in Waterville.

* There are no geographic requirements for camp attendees, but campers must be dropped off and picked up from camp each day in Waterville. HGHW does not provide transportation to/from camp.

How to register:

Online Registration for Camp Brilliance is available below and will be open until August 8 or until we have 30 confirmed attendees, whichever comes first. Registration is FREE.

If you prefer to submit a paper form, you may download the pdf file and return a photo of the completed form to

Covid-19 Details:

We’re able to hold Camp Brilliance in person because of our use of pooled Covid-19 testing, supported by the Maine Department of Education. During registration, guardians will have the option to opt into pooled testing, which will be conducted the first day of camp. A positive pooled test will result in individual BinaxNOW antigen tests for campers that have been opted into testing, provided free of charge at camp. You can learn more about the pooled testing program HERE.

All camp attendees will be required to wear masks while doing indoor activities. Masks will not be required for outdoor activities, but are always respected.

About the artist educators

Elizabeth A. Jabar

Elizabeth A. Jabar is a feminist printmaker who explores a range of personal-political issues in her work including cultural identity, representation, equity and maternal ethics. Learn about Elizabeth’s work here.

Matthew Cumbie

Matthew Cumbie (he/him/his) is a collaborative dancemaker and artist educator in Washington, DC and Waterville, Maine. Learn about Matthew’s work here.

Online Registration form

Our website and digital forms are secure and responses are only viewable to HGHW staff.

Parent/Guardian Information
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Transportation: Please check one
NOTE: Campers must be dropped off and picked up from camp each day in Waterville. HGHW does not provide transportation to/from camp.
In case of an emergency, please contact:
Medical & allergy information
Medical Emergency Statement: In the event that my child needs medical attention, I give my permission for the staff of Hardy G*rls Healthy Wom*n (HGHW) to seek help. I understand that every effort will be made to contact me or my emergency contacts prior to emergency procedures. It is my understanding that staff and volunteers of HGHW will take all of the necessary precautions to ensure the safety of my child. I release HGHW from any legal or financial obligation due to the injury of my child.
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Check out this great resource from our friends at GLSEN!

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