For Muses


The “Adversaries to Allies” curriculum is great, but sometimes coalition groups spend a lot of time on one specific subject, and quickly use all of the resources in the book.  These resources can supplement the ones in the curriculum for muses who are looking to dive deeper into a specific subject.


  • Banana Splits Resource Center
    • Resource for activities about divorce. “When do kids feel _____” is an innovative way to help girls discuss their feelings in a less personal way.

Positive Relationships

  • Alberta Public Health
    • Lesson One “Building Healthy Relationships”
    • Lesson Two “Dating, More Than Just Friends?”
    • Lesson Three “When Relationships Change”
      • This curriculum has a very helpful activity where girls are asked to sort the stages of relationships. It can help muses determine how much girls know about relationships in an age appropriate way.
    • Lesson Four “Identifying Unhealthy Relationships”
    • Lesson Five “Addressing Violence in Relationships”
  • Peel Public Health in Ontario
    • This is a sex ed/sexuality curriculum, but Lesson Two (p76) covers healthy relationships and includes many helpful activities on positive and healthy relationships.

Girls in the Media 

  • Common Sense Media: Technology and video-game focused lesson plans, including links to a lot of online activities
    • Gender on social media (a little outdated, since middle-schoolers don’t use Facebook too much. Could be adapted for Instagram or other social media)
    • Gendered toys (good for younger elementary, includes a video)
    • Photo manipulation (link to Dove Real Beauty video)
  • Welcoming Schools: Examines gender roles in fairy tales, gives examples of non-gender role fairy tales, and asks girls to make their own
  • Digital Citizenship: Online activities for teenagers surrounding online safety. It is a little preachy, but can be helpful if you feel that girls are not acting safely online.


  • The Ophelia Project: Helpful girlfighting curriculum that’s active and not lecture based like a lot of the anti-bullying material girls encounter

Social Media Discussion Questions

  • Instagram:
    • Why do people post a “tbh”?
    • When would you post a “tbh”?
    • What is a good ratio of followers?
    • What makes a good picture to post?
    • When would you take down a photo?
    • What is the best time to post a photo?
    • How many likes do you get on your pictures? How many would you like to get?
    • How would someone show that they like you on instagram?
    • What do you write in your instagram biography? Why?
    • If you were mad at someone, how would you show it on instagram?
    • What makes a good photo shoot?
    • Who would you make a birthday collage for? What would you put on it?  When is a good time to post it?
    • What does it mean to get the first like?
    • What is a good instagram name?
    • How might instagram help people feel good about themselves?
    • How might instagram make people feel bad about themselves?
  • Snapchat:
    • What makes a good photo?
    • What makes a good story?
    • What makes a good caption?
    • How often do you check snapchat?
    • If you were mad at someone, how would you show it on snapchat?
    • How do you choose who to send a snapchat to?
    • How do you feel when you know someone has seen your photo?
    • How do you feel when someone hasn’t seen your photo yet?
    • How do you feel when you are on someone’s best friends list?
    • How do you feel when you are not on someone’s best friends list?
    • How do you feel about the people on your needs love list?
    • What photos do you screenshot?
    • When would you want someone to know that you screenshotted their photo?
    • What is the right number of snapchats to send per day?
    • When and where do you send the most snapchats from? Why?
    • Have you ever wondered what would happen if someone you didn’t want to saw one of your snapchats?
    • What kind of snapchats do you not like to receive?
    • What kinds of snapchats would you never send?
    • How might snapchat help people feel good about themselves?
    • How might snapchat make people feel bad about themselves?