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Hardy Girls Programs

Are you interested in bringing Hardy Girls programming to your school/nonprofit/workplace? You can learn more about each one here:  webLiestheMediaTellsMe


Hardy Girls’ programming is all based on the latest research in girls’ development, much of it by Lyn Mikel Brown. She has created high-quality, comprehensive curriculum, informed by the girls we work with. This curriculum is available for purchase.

Training and Support

Hardy Girls often offers a variety of supports for adults who work with girls.  Check out our offerings here.  If there’s a topic you’re interested in, let us know! If you want Hardy Girls to come to your PTA, community group or workplace, we’d love to work with you on a specialized presentation.

Links for You

We’ve also compiled this list of comprehensive web resources of a range of topics: health, relationships, parenting, careers, media literacy and tons more!