Join Austria and Layla as they draw out the best in relationships. Learn about what makes a toxic relationship, how to confront that, and how to find new folks who lift you up. Their illustrations show what supporting others can look like, and how important it is to empower, not bring down.

As Amna prepares to graduate high school, she is also graduating out of HGHW and the Girls Advisory Board. Tune in to this conversation reflecting back on her time with the organization and how it’s helped her grow and overcome obstacles… with two very special guests!

Hosted by: Amna
Guests: Farzeen & Fatima (Amna’s mom and younger sister)

Two young women have honest conversations on issues like being feminine presenting women in the feminist community, dealing with the male gaze, and being unapologetic women in a world where that is not always the easiest thing. Hear their stories, opinions, and advice for navigating the waters of highs chool with this new information in mind.




Kaitlyn, Layla and Cali have a sit down conversation (over Zoom of course!) and talk about some experiences that they have had in high school to help prepare middle schoolers to navigate through the crazy time in their lives that will be high school. They talk about everything from pep rallies to romantic relationships and they even share some funny stories of their time in high school so far. There is a nice mix of perspectives, as Kaitlyn and Cali are seniors this year and Layla is a freshman.
Watch to hear about some things that no one tells you about when you’re going into high school!

Take a break and ease your mind with an interactive activity book that gives you a crash course in all things LGBTQIA+ related! Learn about sex vs. gender, sexualities, pronouns, and color in some fun shapes, flags and hand-drawn animals!



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FREE Camp!
for 5th-8th grade girls & gender-expansive youth
August 16-20
in Waterville, Maine
space is limited to 30.

FREE Camp!
for 5th-8th grade girls & gender-expansive youth
August 16-20 in Waterville, Maine
space is limited to 30.