Hardy Spotlight: Katy!

Each month, those of us working with Hardy Girls Healthy Women want to share the talent and vision of some of our incredible staff, volunteers, students, and board members. For our holiday edition of the monthly spotlight, we’re psyched to introduce you to one of our newer board members, Katy Dodge. Every month Katy offers HGHW her valuable time and energy by serving on the Board of Directors, and bringing her skills to the development committee. She is currently on sabbatical as she does some soul searching to find the career and educational path that is in line with her values and interests. Katy grew up in midcoast Maine & now calls Portland home.

How did you get involved with Hardy Girls?
I was matched with Hardy Girls Healthy Women in 2019, after graduating from the Maine Association of Nonprofits Emerging Leaders Program, a program that teaches community leaders about nonprofit Board service.

What do you do at HGHW?
My involvement with HGHW started on the marketing committee, and I am now on the board of directors and development committee.

What’s a typical day like for you?
In my short time working with HGHW, I have already learned a great deal! I’ve learned about how nonprofits operate behind the scenes, the roles and responsibilities of board members and committee members, how to conduct efficient, productive meetings, how to write a press release! 

From the GAB (GIrls Advisory Board) members and Muses I hope to learn more about the experiences, interests, challenges, and new perspectives of this new generation of girls. So much has changed, even since I was in high school and early college. I am fascinated by how these changes in our culture, the social movements they are creating and witnessing, the vocabulary they possess will shape their girlhood and womanhood, and how they will then change the world. I am in awe!

What’s one thing you love doing as part of HGHW?
My favorite part of my involvement with HGHW is the sense of pride I get from contributing to the success of an organization that directly impacts the lives of girls and young women in such a profound and positive way. The mission of HGHW feels like essential work to me, and it gives me a sense of peace to know I am helping make tangible change for girls in a world that can feel so discouraging and harmful for them, and where progress feels so slow.

What do you wish you’d known earlier or that someone had told you when you were a younger woman?
I wish someone had encouraged and guided me to focus more of my mental and emotional energy on me, my “future self” and my hobbies and interests, particularly creative ones, when I was younger. As a tween and teen girl you start to get bombarded with damaging messages, both subtle and explicit, about where your value comes from. Most often it’s around your looks, weight, sexuality, and external validation from men and/or partners. I would encourage all girls and young women to interrogate and reject these messages and spend their energy developing their burgeoning talents and passions.

You have a free day to yourself — what do you do?
On a day to myself I love to workout, cool down with yoga, have a big black iced coffee and go on a thrift shopping adventure.

Do you have any skills or talents that most people don’t know about?
I have a green thumb, create a mean Halloween costume, and am a pretty confident public speaker.

Favorite place in Maine?
My favorite place in Maine is any of its beautiful beaches surrounded by beach roses and sun.