Kathleen Dodge

Kathleen DodgeKathleen is a feminist, activist, volunteer, thinker, and writer. She learned about Hardy Girls Healthy Women when she participated in the Maine Association of Nonprofits Emerging Leaders Program, which trains community leaders for nonprofit work and board service. She had a successful retail banking career at Camden National Bank for nearly a decade and is currently focusing her efforts on nonprofit work and activism in the Portland community. Kathleen is proud to be involved with HGHW and wishes she could have benefited from a program like it in her youth. In her free time, she can be found writing, curating perfect playlists, entertaining her friends, hiking the Portland trails and basking in the sun!

Five Questions with Katy

Favorite book: Anything by David Sedaris 
Woman (dead or alive) to have dinner with: Too many to list! I’d throw a fabulous dinner party with all of my feminist idols, friends, family and community members so we could all be in each other’s presence, learn from one another, and have an excuse to dress up!
Favorite feminist anthem: Bloody Mother F****** A****** by Martha Wainwright. Crude title but a beautiful song. It’s about a woman coming to the realization that she exists in a world that wasn’t built with her needs in mind, and she decides to intentionally stop doing the emotional work to make others (men) comfortable and accepting of her. It stopped me in my tracks when I first heard it because of its raw honesty.
Favorite place to go on a feminist rant: With any of my brilliant, beautiful, intersectional feminist friends. They keep me challenged and evolving.
Perfect day (in one sentence): Sleep in, workout, iced coffee, bright sun, good music, good friends, good conversation.