Meg Charest

 Meg Charest (She/Her/Hers) is currently attending Colby College where she is studying English and Education with a specific interest in trauma-informed education practices. She is involved with Hardy Girls Healthy Women as a muse and as a program leader and is so excited to to be a board member! In her free time, Meg most loves to read and be outside in the woods, by the ocean, or in a beehive or garden. She greatly laments the scarcity of pockets in her clothes.

Five Questions with Meg

Favorite book: Can’t pick one so I’ll go with my favorite recent one — Educated by Tara Westover
Woman (dead or alive) to have dinner with: Raquel Willis
Favorite feminist anthem: As Cool As I Am by Dar Williams
Favorite place to go on a feminist rant: The dining hall, as long as there is ample room to do arm gestures for effect
Perfect day (in one sentence): Starts early, ends late and includes sunshine, time with some cherished friends/family, the ocean, and ice cream.