As a Maine-based, research-driven nonprofit, HGHW has been empowering girls with knowledge, critical thinking skills, and a platform to drive social change since 2000. We’re about changing the culture, not fixing the girl. HGHW works with 1,200+ girls annually through year-round, statewide programs.

Girls Rock! Awards

Entirely hosted by our Girls Advisory Board, our Girls Rock! Awards recognizes 9- to 19-year-old girls making impacts in six categories: Entrepreneur, Health Promoter, Against the Odds Advocate, Title IX Champion, Community Organizer and STEM-gineer. In addition to honoring these change-makers, we host an inspirational keynote speaker and invite community members from around the state to come listen, support, connect and inspire one another.

Girls Rock! Conferences

Designed to support 4th-8th grade girls, the Girls Rock! Conferences are planned by girls for girls. The high school girls on our Girls Advisory Board choose topics for the conference that are relevant to Maine girls; they are the speakers and the workshop facilitators. It’s a fun-filled day of learning, sharing, growing and girl-powered activism! Registrations open in January. Lunch, t-shirts and feminist fun included!

Girls Advisory Board (GAB)

Young women from around the state in 9th-12th grades work with the Hardy Girls Healthy Women board of directors and staff to plan events, make sure programs cover what girls need and want, and work on creating a more positive and girl-friendly world for girls to grow in. GAB provides opportunities to gain leadership experience, engage in social action projects, and help keep the organization current on the challenges and triumphs of today’s girls.

Muse Program

Volunteers from Colby College guide and participate in Girls’ Coalition Groups. Trained and recruited by Hardy Girls, the students utilize Lyn Mikel Brown’s From Adversaries to Allies curriculum to foster coalition. Muse-ing includes a weekly commitment to a group as well as three additional check-ins or trainings each semester.

Girls Coalition Groups

Elementary and middle school girls and trained volunteers (Muses) from Colby College meet weekly to create a coalition of girl allies. The groups discuss media literacy, gender stereotypes and how to proactively change the culture around them through social action projects.

The Training Institute

Hardy Girls Healthy Women’s Training Institute provides girls and their adult allies with the knowledge, critical thinking skills and platform to drive social change. Together, they work to break down barriers so girls can live healthy, full lives.