Girls Rock! Conferences

What are Girls Rock! Conferences?
Designed to support 4th-8th grade girls, the Girls Rock! Conferences are planned by girls for girls. The high school girls on our
 Girls Advisory Board choose topics for the conference that are relevant to Maine girls; they are the speakers and the workshop facilitators. It’s a fun-filled day of learning, sharing, growing and girl-powered activism! Registrations open in January. Lunch, t-shirts and feminist fun included!

Why a conference for girls?
This event gives girls the opportunity to connect and build coalitions with other Maine girls. It’s also super inspiring for the younger women to learn from the teens that are out there making changes to their schools and communities.

Who attends?
200-300 Maine girls and their adult supporters attend each conference

When do conferences take place?
Annually, each spring, in Waterville, Portland and Bangor

How you can help.
To make the conferences as accessible as possible, we rely on donors and sponsors to supplement ticket costs. Please reach out for more information if you would like to learn more.

Bring girls to the conferences! Adults who accompany girls to the conferences are welcome to join professional development sessions while the girls are in workshops. Past topics have included self-care, “Moving Beyond Mean Girls,” and Cultivating Hardiness Zones.

If you belong to a local organization that promotes activism, consider setting up an “action spot” at one of more of our conferences. Action spots are tables where attendees can practice taking actions, like writing political representatives, designing and making buttons that raise awareness of social issues, and learning about community initiatives they can participate in.

Hardy Girls Healthy Women takes girls* seriously through year-round, statewide programs that put the power in their hands to challenge a society that ignores their brilliance. We dare adult allies to join us in standing with girls.

* self-identifying girls and gender expansive folks.