In 2009, We launched the G*rls Rock! Awards (GR!A) as a way to honor young people aged 9-19 in Maine who were creating a ruckus, pursuing a dream, and/or standing up for what they believe. After cancelling this event in the spring, due to Covid-19, we decided to take the opportunity to reimagine how we could both recognize (even more!) young activists and build community. Introducing…

Ruckus Roundtables!

This year, we’re hosting themed virtual panels (see upcoming dates below) with partner organizations, elected officials, authors, and young people doing the work of social justice. We invite you to tune in with your family, your quaran-team, as an individual, with your coworkers, as classmates – whatever makes sense to you. Ruckus Roundtables are a series of online conversations specifically designed for middle-school & up, but all ages are welcome. We want to spark curiosity, encourage conversations, and promote ways to challenge the status quo. Join us!

Live at 7 PM via Zoom

about this event

Gender is a social construct. A big part of this is the language that causes harm by upholding sexism & the gender binary (boys/girls, men/women). Researchers cite language as a reflection of the power imbalances of society. How has language impacted your gender identity? How are you navigating society or building culture with words? Join us for a conversation on the limitations & evolution of words.

Can’t make the live event but don’t want to miss this? No problem! Everyone who registers will receive a link to both the live event and the replay!

Event Panelists

Amanda Montell – Author & Language Scholar
Gray JonesAssociate Director, MaineTransNet
Hillary Waterman – Anthropologist & Writer
Myles Taylor – Writer, Organizer & Award-winning Poetry Slam Competitor
Chrysanthemum Tran – Writer, Performance Artist & Historian
Hosted by Aurora Guecia – Student, Baxter Academy & G*rls Advisory Board member

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