Workshops for G*rls & Adults

Hardy Girls volunteer working with a group of students.

G*rls Workshops

Girls Workshops offer in-school programming, providing girls and gender expansive youth with knowledge and skills to gain more control over their lives and become change catalysts in their communities. Together, we look at the media and discuss the decision-makers behind the messaging. We examine society’s expectations of g*rls and dig into recognizing how those negative themes can be internalized. We learn some of the vocabulary for oppression and activism and then we put that knowledge into action. G*rls complete the workshop by planning an action project of their own.

As a result, more girls and gender expansive youth in Maine will live healthy, engaged, and empowered lives. And when girls and gender expansive youth are empowered, economic and employment opportunities expand for everyone. Families and communities also benefit, and positive relationships between people across socioeconomic and cultural boundaries flourish.

76% of workshop participants (surveyed in 2018) stated that following our workshops, they felt prepared to make positive changes in their schools or communities. Following our workshops, g*rls demonstrate an increase in media literacy, awareness of social constraints on gender norms and stereotypes, and confidence in effecting change.

Hardy Girls Healthy Women holds workshops for students across the state of Maine. Want to bring our workshops (in-person or virtual!) to your students? Pricing is based on location, number of girls and length of workshop. We work hard to find grant funding to be able to offer free and reduced cost programming so every girl can be reached. We can also assist with fundraising.

email us at to start designing a workshop tailored just for your school!

Here’s where we’ve been most recently!

Lewiston High School
Holbrook School
Dexter Regional High School
Gould Acadamy
Winthrop Grade SchoolJobs For Maine’s Graduates (JMG)
Gardiner Regional Middle School

Lyman Moore Middle School
King Middle School
Daniel F. Mahoney Middle School
Memorial Middle School
Scarborough Middle School
Gorham Middle School
North Yarmouth Acadamy
Falmouth Middle School
Hebron Acadamy
Greely Middle School

Adult Workshops

Adult Workshops are customized for teachers, administrators, parents, summer camp staff, counselors and anyone else who aspires to be an ally of girls and gender expansive youth.

Too often, g*rls’ true feelings and experiences are dismissed. We often hear concerns that g*rls are “catty,” acting like “mean girls,” engaging in “girlfighting,” and exhibiting “drama.” We believe g*rls don’t want to engage in these behaviors, and we recognize that the cause is often the result of genuine anger and disappointment in society’s unrealistic and often toxic standards for girls. We believe it is not the g*rl, but the society in which they live, that needs to change. This can only happen when adults shift their focus from fixing g*ls to partnering with them.

At our adult workshops, we talk about the many ways that adults can create spaces to learn from, and with, girls and gender expansive youth, to challenge society together. We help adults to strengthen their critical thinking skills and cause a ruckus of their own. Our objectives are for adult participants to demonstrate improved knowledge about g*rl-centered youth engagement and factors impacting girls and gender expansive youth from all backgrounds.

Email us today at to find out how our workshops can be designed around your needs!

"I learned that the media shows one type of girl that we should all be like, but we can be whoever we want."

"I learned that everyone has insecurities and that no one should judge someone."

"I learned it doesn't matter what size, color, what you wear, and how big your boobs and butt are, it matters on your personality."

"I learned it's okay not to be perfect and not meet everyone's expectations."

"I learned about stereotyping in the media and what society perceives as a 'perfect woman."
Student Participants
Hardy Girls Healthy Women Workshops

FREE Camp!
for 5th-8th grade girls & gender-expansive youth
August 16-20
in Waterville, Maine
space is limited to 30.

FREE Camp!
for 5th-8th grade girls & gender-expansive youth
August 16-20 in Waterville, Maine
space is limited to 30.