In 2009, We launched the G*rls Rock! Awards (GR!A) as a way to honor young people aged 9-19 in Maine who were creating a ruckus, pursuing a dream, and/or standing up for what they believe. After cancelling this event in the spring, due to Covid-19, we decided to take the opportunity to reimagine how we could both recognize (even more!) young activists and build community. Introducing…

Ruckus Roundtables!

This year, we’ll be hosting five themed virtual panels including partner organizations, elected officials, authors, and young people doing the work of social justice. We invite you to tune in with your family, your quaran-team, as an individual, with your coworkers, as classmates – whatever makes sense to you. Ruckus Roundtables are a series of online conversations specifically designed for middle-school & up, but all ages are welcome. We want to spark curiosity, encourage conversations, and promote ways to challenge the status quo. Join us!

October 20 –
Civic Engagement

Does getting involved in activism ever feel like a maze too hard to navigate? Have you found yourself wanting to get involved in your school or community, but not sure where to start? Here’s a hint – there’s no one path!

Come hang out with us (virtually) to hear from some local folks who forged their own ways. This is an all ages conversation because it takes all ages to make change together.

online registration has closed for this event. We hope you’ll join us for the upcoming Roundtable events! Registration for the November event will open in early Nov!

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