Data drives our world, but the process of collecting data is subjective and prone to bias. In March’s Ruckus Roundtable on Data and Representation, we talk to advocates of all ages that are working to ensure that the voices and experiences of young people, women and gender nonbinary folks, and people of other marginalized identities are included in the stories data tells.

We’re very excited to partner with Data Innovation Project for this Ruckus Roundtable, which will be hosted by FAB member, Lulu

Torey Dolan (Choctaw Nation)

Native Vote Fellow
Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law Indian Legal Clinic

Torey Dolan (Choctaw Nation) is a Native Vote Fellow at the Arizona State Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law Indian Legal Clinic working on the Arizona Native Vote Election Protection Project, aimed at protecting and promoting the Native American franchise in Arizona. She is a graduate ASU law where she received her law degree and a certificate in Federal Indian law after receiving her undergraduate degree from UC Davis.

Makeila Jamison

Youth Researcher and Advocate, Girls for Gender Equity

Makeila Jamison is a Queens native and recent graduate of Harvard. She is passionate about social justice and wellness for BIPOC and queer communities. Her primary interests are in academia, fashion and art, spaces in which she hopes to bring greater inclusivity and celebration of Black influence.

Ruksana Ruhee

Youth Researcher and Advocate, Girls for Gender Equity

Hi, I’m Ruksana Ruhee. I am a young Muslim working class Bengali woman and I identify as an Empath. I believe in Black liberation, gender equity and redistribution of wealth. I understand the struggles growing up as a person of color in a working class and immigrant family which is why I am majoring in Public Affairs at my college.

Ninochka McTaggart, Ph.D.

Researcher and DEI Consultant

Dr. Ninochka McTaggart is a Diversity and Inclusion Specialist with comprehensive expertise on issues of race, gender, inequality, and popular culture. Her research interests include examining qualitative representations and stereotyping in mass media and popular culture. She is a published author, curator, public speaker, educator and consultant.

Korey Pow

Coordinator of the Maine Integrated Youth Health Survey, ME CDC

Korey Pow (she/her/hers) earned her Master of Public Health from Boston University School of Public Health in 2019 focusing on epidemiology and biostatistics. Since 2019, she has worked at the Maine CDC coordinating the Maine Integrated Youth Health Survey, a data source for youth attitudes and behaviors around various health topics among Maine students in grades 5-12.

Lulu Van Lonkhuyzen

Grade 9, Camden Hills Regional HS & FAB member

Hi!!!! My name is Lulu (they/them). I am passionate about anti-racism, trans rights, climate justice, and why the cereal goes in the bowl before the milk. I am a visual artist and painter. I also have a hedgehog named Ernie ❤️

Ruckus Roundtables are online conversations specifically designed for middle-school & up, but all ages are welcome. Ruckus Roundtables are designed to spark curiosity, encourage conversations, and promote ways to challenge the status quo.