Training Institute

The Hardy Girls Training Institute offers workshops for both youth and adults designed to develop curiosity, critical thinking, coalition-building, and consciousness needed to challenge the status quo.

Our workshop curriculum is research-driven, informed by best practices and emerging data in girls development, positive youth development, and youth voice. We believe that girls and nonbinary youth thrive when they are taken seriously and have access to affirming, supportive spaces; our workshops offer these spaces for youth and help adults build them.


Providing your group with a workshop experience that is meaningful and relevant to participants is our priority. Our workshops are not “one size fits all,” and we’ll work with you to design a training that fits your needs.

When possible, we break the workshops into multiple sessions, each about a week apart, which allows for shorter, more poignant experiences, as well as time for reflection in between sessions.

If you are interested in learning more about the Training Institute, email If you are ready to start the scheduling process, fill out this form to get started! A Hardy Girls staff member will be in touch soon after to discuss your needs, scheduling, and pricing. You may also download a pdf of the Training Institute Overview flyer here.


Becoming an Agent of Change

This workshop equips participants with the knowledge and critical thinking skills to gain more control over their lives and become catalysts of change in their communities. Together, we look at how women and girls are depicted in the media and understand who makes the decisions behind the messaging. We examine society’s expectations of girls and recognize how those themes can be internalized—sometimes in negative ways. Finally, we develop vocabulary for talking about injustice and unfairness, and we talk about what participants can do to create the society they want to live in. We’ll look at examples of girls who have taken matters into their own hands and challenged a society that ignores their brilliance. Participants finish with planning an action project of their own.

Media Madness

In this workshop, participants will learn critical thinking skills as they consume media (especially social media) and examine what messages girls receive about gender stereotypes and body image. We’ll talk about filters, photoshop, and representation of girls and women in our society. Participants will share the expectations they have for themselves vs. what society says girls should do or be. After looking at the culture that all creates, we’ll explore what we’d like the world to look like and how youth should be treated and perceived. We’ll begin to talk about what girls can do to create the society they want to live in.

Girlfighting and Conflict Resolution

In this workshop, we will work with participants to get to the root of why girls and nonbinary youth so often pit themselves against each other. We’ll unpack media messages, recognize commonalities, and come up with strategies of conflict resolution.


Building Hardiness Zones

In this workshop, participants will learn how to cultivate “hardiness zones” – safe spaces where girls & gender expansive youth learn what it means to work in coalition and become allies to one another. Participants will explore the possibility and impact of intergenerational partnerships with girls and consider ways to work together to imagine and create a better world.

Navigating a Social Media World

We designed this workshop after hearing again and again from parents and educators who want to best support their students and children, especially girls, in a world saturated with social media. In this workshop, participants will discuss the dangers and opportunities that social media can bring to girls, learn strategies to support the development of critical media consumption for the young people in their lives, and explore how to create an environment of trust and support.

Increasing Understanding of Gender and Sexuality

This workshop will equip participants with baseline language and concepts surrounding gender and sexuality and will provide an opportunity to create concrete action plans to better support their LGBTQ+ students.

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